Annual Research Conference March 2010

David Coleman giving the Keynote address

Group of delegates at the Keynote address

Group of delegates enjoying a discussion over coffee

Kirsten Tyrrell, Rosaleen Murphy and Maire Mhic Mhathuma

Marie O'Flynn, Rose O'Dwyer, Helen Koffie, Anna Ridgway and Jean Lindopp

Mairead O'Hadhmaill, Carol Duffy, Marlene McCormack and Anna Ridgway

Marion Healy, Patricia Radley and Anna Ridgway

Maire Mhic Mhathuna and Patsy Stafford

Tracey Connolly, Francis Douglas and Rosaleen Murphy

Shirley Martin, Denice Cunningham and Florence Noonan-Lepaon

Marcella Towler and Shirley Martin