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OMEP Ireland Early Childhood Conference 2023: Submission Guidelines 

OMEP Ireland welcomes contributions relating to the field of early childhood studies, including those related to early years education and care, social studies, child health, child development, and policy issues. Conference presentations from practitioners and those with an interest in relating theory to practice are especially welcome. This year’s conference theme focuses on sustainability in early childhood education and care. All submissions (using the submissions email, should have a direct link to one of the 4 pillars of sustainable development. The conference takes place in the South Court Hotel, Limerick, Rep. of Ireland, on the 11th of November 2023, specific location and timetable to follow.

Sustainability in Education – The 4 Pillars

The four pillars of sustainability extend to the realm of early childhood education and care, creating a foundation for holistic development. Environmental / Ecological sustainability, in this context, involves instilling a sense of environmental responsibility and promoting eco-friendly practices among young children. It includes teaching them about nature, conservation, and sustainable living. Economical sustainability relates to ensuring access to affordable and high-quality early childhood education and care services, addressing the needs of families from diverse economic backgrounds.

Social and Cultural sustainability emphasises creating inclusive and equitable environments, fostering positive relationships, and nurturing social skills and empathy. It recognises and respects the diverse cultural backgrounds of children, promoting cultural awareness and celebrating diversity.The fourth pillar, Political sustainability, focuses on the governance, policies, and institutions that shape how societies address environmental and social challenges, to achieve long-term sustainable development. By integrating these pillars into early childhood education and care, we lay the groundwork for a sustainable and thriving future for children and society, as a whole. Learn more.


Submit your abstract via email: – Deadline 29th September 2023

Please use the form below to submit your 250-word abstract. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email: 

It’s the 75th Anniversary of the Foundation of OMEP! Join us to celebrate and hear from renowned speakers!

Location: South Court Hotel, Limerick