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Honorary Membership news

OMEP Ireland is delighted to announce that in June 2018 at the 70th World Assembly in Prague, Dr Rosaleen Murphy was elected as a lifelong honorary member of OMEP — the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education. This honorary membership recognises the outstanding contribution that Dr. Murphy has made to early education, OMEP Ireland, and indeed to the success of An Leanbh Óg.

From 2007–2017, Dr. Murphy was the editor of An Leanbh Óg — the OMEP Ireland Journal of Early Childhood Studies. OMEP has always reserved honorary membership for those who have contributed at the highest level and in this case the level of success and contribution over the years is undoubted. Sincere thanks to Dr Murphy for her commitment and exceptional hard work working with and on behalf of OMEP Ireland over the years.

From left to right — Miss Wendy Oke, Dr Francis Douglas and Dr Rosaleen Murphy

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