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What we do

OMEP Ireland / What we do

OMEP is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organisation concerned with all aspects of Early Childhood Education and Care. OMEP Ireland is a registered charity dedicated to promoting the well-being of all children and their right to high quality early childhood education and care. The mission of OMEP Ireland is to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood experiences by supporting early years research and sharing knowledge about what we can do to improve children’s lives.

OMEP Ireland’s aim is to promote the optimum conditions for all children, in order to ensure their well-being, development and happiness, both within their family unit and the wider communities in which they live.

OMEP assists in undertakings that have the objective of improving early childhood education and care in its broadest interpretation.

The organisation is founded on, and will continue to have a commitment to education for peace. It also continues to champion children’s rights under the UN Convention.

OMEP supports scientific research that positively influences the conditions in which children live, grow and develop. To this end, OMEP:

champions children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

supports research which may influence the conditions in which children live, develop and play.

helps in any undertaking, which will improve early childhood education

carries out projects which contribute to an understanding between peoples and to peace in the world.

includes all those who wish to make the world a better place for children, whether as a parent, carer, researcher or policy maker. This includes all those who are interested in health, social policy, early education, psychology, sociology, the law as it relates to children, special education, disadvantage etc

The Patrons of OMEP (Ireland) are Prof. Francis Douglas and Dr. Mary Horgan, Dept. of Education, UCC, and Dr. Nóirín Hayes, Dublin Institute of Technology.