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What We Do

OMEP is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organisation concerned with all aspects of Early Childhood Education and Care. OMEP Ireland is a registered charity dedicated to promoting the well-being of all children and their right to high quality early childhood education and care. The mission of OMEP Ireland is to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood experiences by supporting early years research and sharing knowledge about what we can do to improve children’s lives. Read More


Membership is open to individuals and groups from any discipline with an interest in the well-being of children and their families. No person or interested group may be excluded by reason of race, sex, creed or political opinion. Members have access to the An Leanbh Óg (the peer reviewed journal of OMEP Ireland), reduced rates at the Annual Conference and all talks/seminars.

Associate/Student Members may attend OMEP Ireland events at the reduced rate.


OMEP Ireland hosts an annual conference championing Early Childhood Education and Care nationally and internationally. The theme for the 2021 OMEP Ireland Early Childhood Annual Conference is Celebrating Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care in Times of Crisis. The conference will be held online in November 2021! Watch this space for more details.

Keynote speakers will be announced on our website. Watch this space!

Fundraising Community

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Latest Causes

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